Food Industry’s Impact on the Environment.

Industrial Factories Water Usage

A typical food processing plant uses more than 1,000,000 gallons of water each day. 50% of this water is used to rinse and wash the produce, while the other 50% goes to cleaning the actual cleaning material. Current estimates state that 35% of this water is use in unnecessary.The water that is discharged from the plants have a ph scale of 5-9

Agriculture’s Affect on Water Quality

Most of agriculture affects on water quality are caused by run-off (both point source and non-point source). Run off of pesticides known as pesticide leaching affects water supplies making them toxic due to the pesticides poisoness nature.  Run off of excess fertilizers can also be a serious issue to both public and environmental health. The excess fertilizers can cause a release of heavy metals as well as cause the algae in waters supplies to grow in numbers (this is called an algae bloom). This bloom in algae takes nutrients from other spices causing them to die and decay. The algae then dies because of a lack of a stable environment creating a dead zone. This whole process is called Eutrophication. The graphic below examples the situation.

Food Industry’s Impacts on Air Quality

The main way that the creation of food impacts air quality is the compact raising of animals and the increased use of animals for meat production as caused in increase in the levels of greenhouse gases like methane and carbon dioxide. Some studies have estimated that the amount of pollution from the food industry is equal to that of cars if you take into account the greater effects of methane.

Genetically Modified Organisms and Cloning

A rising issues in the public and environmental health groups is the use of GMOs these are foods that have their DNA altered by to produce a better or cheaper product. This has caused much concern, because this process reduces the genetic differences within the species making them more vulnerable to diseases.


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