Design Plan

Audience: My audience is the people of America and the world, but I don’t think most of them will care about my topic nor do anything to help my cause. So I am refining my audience to be young liberal Americans that tend to be concerned with environmental issues. This is my target audience, but seeing how people from all walks of life maybe concerned with this issue once they hear about I am more than happy to reach out to really anybody that wants to hear what I have to say.

Purpose: The purpose of my campaign is merely to inform people of the injustices that are happing to the environment by the food industry. I am not the kind of person to tell people to change their lives for my cause. (It seems kind of pushy and nobody wants people to tell them what they should do with their lives). I do however want to offer suggestions onto what will make a difference in the issue, as well as leave my audience with an open mind.

Context: The Food industry in American is by far one of the most harmful industries to the environment. Most of the harm done these days is through the use of pesticides and herbicides that run into water supplies and other natural habitats. The food industry is also the main producer of methane into the atmosphere a greenhouse gas that is more powerful than CO2 and lasts up to 20 years longer than most greenhouse gases. Lately another issue caused by the food industry is the use of genetically modified foods and organisms (GMF and GMO).

Text 1: I plan to have a main website or blog that houses all of the information and statics. This site will be used to both create creditability though information and style. This site will be linked to all the other sources that I will use to involve people but most of my traffic will hopefully go to this site at some point.

Text 2: Reddit, I plan on using this image/text board as a way of assembling the masses. Le Reddit Army is often associated with environmental issues and social media campaigns for a limited time, but with their limited involvement they often bring long term supporters of an issue. As well as publicly to the issue though re-posts and site sharing. This site is mostly to create ethos and popularity to the issue. Reddit is mostly logic based community that listens to facts so I will have to use a logos approach to reach them.

Text 3: Facebook/Twitter, with Facebook and Twitter I will have to use a more emotional approach to gaining popularity just based on how they work. This site will get people that are not really my target audience of young liberals, but it will however reach a larger audience who are not as likely to share in my views. Due to the friends/followers system I will however be able to use this to have people get there friends involved.


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